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Sales Enablement

  • Sales Enablement Programs

  • Manager/Leader Sales Coaching

  • Sales Training

Sales Enablement Programs

Our expertise derives from global sales and sales management experience in both enterprise and mid-market. To identify the areas of improvement in business/industry understanding by sellers, we conduct a needs analysis. Upon assessing seller capability/capacity, our senior consultants develop a customized program to address targeted areas of improvement. We work with our clients’ sales organizations to assess their sales model/process capability and sales skills set in the development of a measured improvement program. Moreover, we institutionalize the improvement via behavior shift reinforcement programs. COPERNICI develops and/or implements sales methodologies that lend a common language to define business health, maximize sales productivity, and increase business results.

Manager/Leader Sales Coaching

We work with sales leaders to identify the specific capabilities needed within the management team to increase sales productivity, and/or integrate process changes in the sales cycle. We then create and implement coaching and reinforcement programs for long-term impact. 

Sales Training

We work with sales organizations to identify skill gaps and develop and deliver both classroom and remote training to increase skills and create behavior shifts. With over 20 years’ experience in sales and sales training, we focus on the most critical skills for success based on our clients’ industries and product solutions. We address traditional areas such as executive selling, account strategy/planning, competitive selling, and sales methodology. Delivery includes custom materials developed to meet our clients’ specific business challenges. 

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