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Consulting Services

Gymnastic Review

Gymnastic Review is a service in which you send in your video for evaluation.You will receive valuable feedback and insight regarding your specific concerns and questions. Gymnastic Review is a training tool. You will receive advice directly from a top authority in the fields of sport horse training, selection and sale, through a one on one conversation. You will benefit from the Equestrian Insiders' direct feedback, honesty, integrity, and respect within the horse community.

After you submit your video in email, we will set up a phone or Skype appointment. You will send in your video to be thoroughly analysed. We will call you at your appointment time to personally discuss your video and questions.


Reserve your review by emailing the video link to us>>

Training Program Design

Will sit with you for 3 hours to design a detailed Training Program for your horse and the team of its caretakers (Rider, Owner, Trainer, Handler). Re-evaluation of the training course takes 1 hour bi-weekly or once a month, live or via Skype. Training program includes:


  • Evaluation of current state and potential of your horse

  • Evaluation of each team member’s abilities and level of commitment

  • Evaluation of your location and training facilities at hand

  • Design of the daily training schedule for your horse

  • Selection of workloads and specific exercises in sample blueprints

  • We will create a scorecard for your team members and your horse

  • Will add competitions, clinics and other fun outings to your schedule as appropriate  

  • We will be very specific about the goals beyond traditional scores and ribbons


Many riders have already acquired the skill to design training programs for their horses, and enjoy the fun of holding the steering wheel in a leader position for their team (horse, owner, trainer, handler, farrier, clinicians, even vet). It takes usually 3 years (6 summer/winter seasons) to acquire enough skill to design and drive training program for your horse, and this session will be a great way to get familiar with the process and start.

Request an interview for Training Program design by emailing your essay and video links to us>>


We typically plan for 18-36 online coaching sessions in a training phase to complement execution of our carefully designed Training Plan for each of the horses in your management. We track your performance in the training scorecard, which opens the worlds of possibilities for you, and at the same time narrows your focus down to a laser dot where needed, makes you accountable for it, and helps to make things happen.

Coaching online is one of the most effective ways to work your Training Program, but it requires absolute dedication and following the Training Program schedule and prescribed exercises to a meter and a minute, and that is what only the most focused competitive riders can do.


We currently work with riders in different countries, international inquiries are welcome, just keep in mind that currently coaching can be done in two languages - English or Russian.


Request to be contacted for a coaching program>>

Master Classes

When a group of riders would like to schedule some dedicated time to a certain topic, a 3-day master class can be arranged. Currently booking the 2016 master classes calendar. If you are interested in hosting a master class for 2016, please request to be contacted.


Request to schedule a master class>>

Practice Areas
  • 1-2 y.o. young horse

  • 3-4 y.o. remount horse

  • 5-6 y.o. discipline specialization

  • ​Preparing your horse for sale

  • ​Breeder and sporthorse owner

  • Bereuter with a portfolio of horses

  • Chief trainer operations

  • Young rider

  • Adult amature

  • If to reture your horse

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