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Happy Sport Horses with Long Lives
Finding Your Champion - How to Buy a Horse

This resource is about designing training programs for sport horses training and competing in dressage, eventing, and show jumping . 

Start with the three Life and Career Stages video tutorials, and follow with six video tutorials about Training Plan Design Elements. At the end you will get an idea how to design the annual training plan for your horse in its life and career stage, including the shows!

The equine development guidelines and consulting services are focused on training a foal and remount horse after purchasing.  There are sections on how to train a developing Sporthorse after its remount years for specialization path in its preferred discipline, and how to prepare a horse of any age for sale.


This practical workbook talks about your looking for your next "champion horse," and about the buying process.


Whether you are looking for a warmblood, or any other breed, there are four core decisions to make before embarking on your journey of buying a horse and you'd want to stick to them in the shopping process. 

Learn more.     Buy on - $19.99.     


Direct your inquiries for equine development advisory, regarding training program design and your plans via this email.

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