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Voice of Equestrians

Marianna Leontieva

Show Jumper, Russia

Looseness and Spring Over Fences

It is amazing how the style over fences changed, including approach and bascule! Our impressed and slightly puzzled Chief show jumping trainer even brought up full-size dressage arena fencing and set it up permanently for us and other show jumping riders who follow our gymnastics “fashion”. My horse is developing so much, what a joy!

Megan Cook

Dressage Rider, USA

Depth of Dressage Development

The training program developed through "Equestrian Insider"  methodology for my 6 y.o. dressage gelding and I, has benefited the development of my horse physically as well as mentally because of how thorough they are and how detailed the evaluation is in so many small  things that I never would have guess were important. 

Sheila Buchanan

Offbroadway Farm Owner and Manager, Dressage and Eventing Rider

I naturally have a good feel for a horse. But a feel is tricky sometimes. A well-schooled horse gives reactions that correct your feel, help match it with actual performance. That is why my choice fell on Luigi when I needed experience on a fine-tuned horse, and on Liana's instructions for me and my young stallion.


Teri Duplass

Owner, Manager, and Lead Trainer at Phoenix Farm Equestrian  Center

Liana has done remarkable work with my Oldenburg gelding, Cervantes, who is an opinionated horse with a a very large personality. He is as supple and obedient now as he ever could be. My hunter/jumper clients gather to watch the work that Liana does with 'Thom', marveling at his supple floating gaits. What Liana has done with this horse makes me want to resume dressage work to develop the suppleness that I see her creating.

Jenny Nell

Program Director at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center, USA Paralympic Dressage Team Coach 

Jump-starting a career is what sometimes horses need. After 9 months of rehab training with Liana my 19 y.o. dressage PSG veteran Tango found a new home as a riding horse. Thank you again. He is loved, honored, and cared for just as he always has and how he deserves.

Sonja Vracko

"S" USDF, "I" USEF Judge, Clinician, Owner at View Ridge Farm

Liana has vision for developing both a horse and a rider. In every riding or teaching session she makes a clear difference bringing partners together.

Sparkle Arend

Show Hunter Rider, Business Owner, The Old Grey Mare, Horse Related Antiques and Uniques

Utilizing the Training Program Liana has outlined for my coming 3 yr old hunter prospect, I realized there was so much ground work to do that was essential to the initial training of my young filly before she was ready to be ridden under saddle. My horse seemed to accept every new lesson with an interest and curiosity to learn whatever it was we worked on that day.

Evgenia Stenberg

Dressage Rider, Horse Owner

It is important to have a trainer you can trust to help you grow and provide challenges in order to make you a better rider. Training with Liana on Alibi helped me grow tremendously over the last few years compared to what I would be able to do on my own or with another trainer, I believe. Liana's input is in all of my achievements, not only in riding, but in life as well.

Julio Sosa

Event Rider, Horse Owner

I am a competing eventer, and did not expect that I would learn so much about the best approaches to bringing up my next competition mount, a 4 y.o. gelding. Seasonal schedules and weekly workload balancing charts give you guidance that one would not take into consideration otherwise.

Sophia McKee

Endurance and Dressage Rider, VP of Markering at Emerald Downs racetrack

My goal in riding is to become a better horsewoman and add tools to my toolbox in order to develop my horses independently. Having the remote coaching gives me the guidance and confidence to develop my skills and if I need more support, Liana is always available for an on-site visit to assure I am with my horses on a firm track. 

Bridget Brewer

Competing Eventer, Owner of Three Horses, CEO of a Manufacturing Company

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