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Your Guide to Finding/Buying a Horse

A straight-forward, thoughtful manual to horse ownership for equestrians who are considering the major step in recreational horse ownership.

26 November 2018 – Seattle, WA 


Equestrians everywhere are increasingly considering horse ownership as the next step in their commitment to an exciting hobby and recreational activity.  Currently, there are over 7.2 million horses in the United States with 47% being owned for recreational purposes and 17% involved in show activities1 and interest in ownership is growing. 

Although many equestrians yearn to own their own companion, they often find the prospect a daunting one with many complexities, costs and high personal commitment.  To that end, long-time expert equestrians Liana Antanovich and Debra Mead have tackled the issues in a concise, straight-forward guide that highlights the top four considerations for making a decision for horse ownership as well as a financial guide that can be used as a template to move forward in their recently published guide “Buying a Horse”.

In “Buying a Horse” the authors address the following steps for consideration when making an investment:

·        Rider qualifications.  It’s important to qualify your abilities, desires and qualifications for riding, showing and managing a horse. 

·        Choosing the shopping route.  There are two basic approaches to the market, prime and secondary.

o   The prime market consists of breeders selling directly to end buyers.

o   The secondary market consists of resellers who purchased a horse at first from the prime market and now are reselling.

·        How many horses?  Owning a single horse that only you have access to is how many thinks about ownership.  But there are other options that include ownership in multiple horses for different purposes.

·        Your relatives and your horse.  Horse ownership requires dedication and commitment.  Sometimes to a level that your family may question.  The authors address these issues and challenge you to think through the situation.

Ready to buy and own a horse?  Work through this comprehensive guide to evaluate your needs and desires and be fully prepared for horse ownership.

“Buying a Horse” is now available from these retailers in paperback and on Kindle. 


Liana Antanovich - Coach and Contributor,, Seattle, Washington.  Liana pursues a dual career, one in senior management in a corporate world, and another as a practicing Bereuter, coach and equine trainer.  Liana’s strength as a riding and horse development specialist comes from working with different breeds, reschooling into fine all-around riding horses Standardbred pacers, German Trakehners, Russian and other warmbloods. In 2008 Liana started Equestrian Insider, a remote coaching program with custom training design according to individual need. She currently continues sharing this individualized approach to equestrian sport methodology with committed riders and professionals in several countries.

Debra Mead - Equine Sales Manager, Hidden Springs Ranch, Southern California.  Debra has been working in the horse industry since 1998.  She graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Agriculture Science in 2004 and she has been working as an equestrian professional since 2002.  She has continued her education by riding with top dressage professionals in California such as Gerhard Politz and Kit Stebbins along with various clinicians. 




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