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Our Case Studies
Sales Enablement

A large sales office had been struggling to deliver predictable sales results. Due to rapid growth and geographic dispersion, the sales operations team was challenged to institute true sales process discipline within the organization. Additionally, many of the sellers had a long history of success without adhering to the CRM and other reporting procedures. The goal of the sales operations team was to use institute processes and procedures that would allow the leaders to analyze business results over a period of time to isolate criteria for success and minimize unprofitable selling engagements.


Analysis and Teamwork

An organizational survey revealed that the sellers had varying perceptions of the purpose of the new requirements of sales operations. Sellers saw the processes as a time robber to customer-facing time with little payback to business results. Additionally, the various sales team resources (sales, technical pre-sale, etc.) had conflicting opinions regarding the best approach to servicing customer needs and growing the business. This was rooted in a history of shared-roles and a large amount of autonomy, and procedures were a result of above average market growth in a very short period of time.

Copernici's Senior Associate, Marguerite Cole, utilized anonymous survey results together with leader priorities to facilitate change management workshops within the organization with the goal to encourage sales force to freely voice their concerns with the new requirements and suggest alterations. The management was required to participate so that they could hear how their directions were understood and perceived, and to create specific changes to which management and sellers would commit. It was required to specify how each action would impact a customer, business results, and growth of the sales organization. The plans were written, agreed to by leadership and tracked for completion and documentation of change over the next 120 days.


Pipeline integrity increased over the 120 days to the point that it was a reliable measure of the business. The various sales teams were able to increase the overall pipeline based on changes in utilization of various pre-sale resources. Morale in the sales team increased due to solid business results, and increase in open communication between management and seller, clarity on expectations of various roles. The sales leaders became more comfortable in utilizing sales operations data for sales performance analyses and business insight. This workshop is now required of all sellers and managers within the organization.

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