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Acquisition and Retention

  • Customer or Channel Partner Acquisition and Retention Strategy

  • Customer or Partner Marketing Campaign Design

  • PR & Social Media

  • Online Marketing

  • Leads Management and Sales

Customer or Channel Partner Acquisition and Retention Strategy

Customer or channel partner acquisition and retention are two of the most important keys to business survival. If you can't attract customers, you can't sell your goods and services. If you can't keep your customers, your reputation might suffer, and you still will not be able to sell your goods and services. We apply various modern marketing concepts to drive the formulation of customer acquisition and retention strategies for target segments. Where possible we apply Business Intelligence and CRM analysis to define market opportunity and customer or channel partner acquisition or retention strategy and campaign mix parameters.

Customer or Partner Marketing Campaign Design

For campaign design we draw from our expertise in identifying target audiences, and matching value proposition with customer or partner motivation to buy. Based on emerging go-to-market technologies we evaluate different marketing mix media, from printed and online content to special events and swag, and thoroughly plot a call-to-action flow and campaign execution calendar. We often work with the client to develop campaign messaging, write the content, and finally package it with a creative concept implemented in print or interactive design. We share our best practices and model campaign results, which then are captured and analyzed in a campaign scorecard, both on reputation and business generation levels.

PR and Social Media

We start by developing an external communications plan, which also comprehends the client’s objectives, as well as PR and social media missions as they relate to the company’s and/or product/service offering reputation and awareness. We then define the key elements of a PR and Social Media communication program to achieve the objectives. These include detailed actions, timescales, responsibilities and metrics. We then often assist the client in implementing the external communications plan on an ongoing basis. 

Online Marketing

Online marketing mix elements (SEO, paid search, email, Web, blog, etc.) connected with internal marketing operations infrastructure can attract more people to your Web site, build customer volume, and enhance the branding of your company and products. We design and optimize online strategy through the lenses of branding and reputation management, customer and partner acquisition and retention campaigns (and their associated ROI), and create blueprints to optimize this connectivity both on the call-to-action level, as well as for marketing operations infrastructure level. 

Leads Management and Sales

For either B2C or B2B leads we work with the client to define and optimize the leads flow and conversion in both marketing and sales funnels. Often as a result of this work the client receives insight into improving lead management and Sales Enablement. We routinely deploy sales training and coaching to increase the sales capacity from prospect identification to close and retention actions. This training can also include integration of the current, or creation of a new, account planning process. 

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