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Business Strategy

  • Strategic Business Plan

  • Critical KPIs

  • Positioning Your Company For Funding

  • Executive Presentation Materials and Speaker Training

  • Internal Executive Communications

Strategic Business Plan

Anyone who has led a company knows that strategic business planning is a multi-step process in which senior executives of a business create a shared vision of their future, and develop an organizational roadmap to achieve that vision. COPERNICI senior consultants’ facilitation and planning materials templates will help you to create a coordinated, holistic strategic business plan (three, five, or more years into the future) that brings the management of different divisions to the same page and connects the road map and vision to the shareholders. Upon completion of engagement with COPERNICI senior consultants, your strategic business plan will include guidelines on how the company will accomplish more with less, identify which markets it will address, get to the market faster, and build strategic sustainable differentiation to reflect a shared vision of the future company’s success. 

Critical KPIs

Accompanying your strategic business or marketing planning, you may likely want to create or refresh Performance Measurement Scorecards to showcase how you will track the progress against strategic objectives and key metrics. Experienced in performance measurement, COPERNICI senior consultants will work with you to establish these goals and performance targets, as well as identify sustainable ways for your company to measure them systematically.

Positioning Your Company For Funding

We find that many entrepreneurs with early-stage companies can use a little help in preparing the communication of their opportunities for finding capital. It is essential to structure your company properly, package it well, and market your company to the type of investor you are trying to attract. In your effort to attract investors, we can help you package your story in a unique and compelling way, while also guiding you through the myriad hurdles, speed bumps, and other challenges that you’ll likely encounter along the way.

Executive Presentation Materials and Speaker Training

A senior COPERNICI consultant, with extensive strategy and executive communications experience with large executive management teams of market-leading companies, will work with your CEO, COO, or CMO to package your strategic business plan into compelling executive presentation materials and prepare to present the plan to your company employees and the Board of Directors. Additionally, our creative team will help you with preparing the outline, copy, presentation design, and narrative. 

Internal Executive Communications

COPERNICI senior consultants will work with you to outline an internal executive communications plan for presentation to your company during the planning process—and after it is complete—to assure cadence and synchronization. One must create the right balance across the content, the presentation, the conduct, harnessing emotional quotient, etc., and pure mathematics and numbers. The skew in this balance would be driven by the organization’s culture.

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