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Our Case Studies
Business Strategy 


A closely following technology company wanted to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing investments in preparation to substantial investment increase for aggressive growth and market leadership position gain. The client’s executives wanted to take advantage of predictive analytics and modeling to be able to forecast revenue and gross profit growth apart from historical trending. 


Analysis and Teamwork

We worked with our client to understand its product portfolio, customer segment groups, functional and regional operations breakdown and historic data, systems infrastructure, and reporting processes. Our team developed a performance measurement road map based on organization and infrastructure assessments, and outlined possible ways of progressing towards the desired state of measurement maturity that would support predictive analytics and modeling. 

We then worked with executives and data source owners to develop scorecards on corporate, segment, regional, product and campaign levels and suggested sales, marketing, operations and financial data infrastructure modifications to generate relevant reporting for business analytics. Over 18 months our team gathered, aggregated, and analyzed the client’s data on a monthly and quarterly basis, with a summary of key findings and recommendations.

The client used this insight to fine tune business policies and marketing investments and increased revenue to marketing investment ratio by 20% in the first year of engagement. Tracking seasonal and marketing activity based changes in selected metrics helped to identify opportunities for additional investment allocation to support aggressive growth in target segments.

Management received a blueprint for cause and effect of most marketing initiatives types and correlations for predictive analytics and modeling that helped the client apply sensitivity and scenario analyses, and eventually gain leadership position in target segments.

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