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In 2019 Copernici begins selecting and investing to 10  projects in North America and CIS countries. Investments per project with 5-10x in 3-5 years planned growth can vary from $10K to $100K. 

Our typical industries include software, devices, cloud, security, AI, IoT for enterprises and SMB. We also look into consumer goods, and non-for-profits.

Our team offers expertise and advisory in various growth stages, from pre-revenue to $US1.0B annual turnover: 

  • Business Strategy

  • Product Creation and Management

  • Marketing Planning and Execution

  • Sales Enablement   

  • Reputation Management (Brand, AR, PR, IR) 

  • Corporate and Org Structure

  • Talent Attraction and Management

  • Investments and Funding



Copernici Ventures partners with other VC funds, angel investors, philanthropists, industry associations and institutions.

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What's in Project Application

Project/business/founders information:

Upload your project plan below. Make sure it covers:

1. Project pitch and its actual maturity stage.

2. Company legal form, country of HQ, shareholder structure.

3. Team - roles and bios for every member (staff + augmented)

4. Inquired amount of funding and how it allocates to budget articles and items.

5. Business model, financial model. How does your "next level" look like compared to now. 

6. Market overview, sizing, trends, competitors, customer pain points, gaps unfilled, demand for gaps closure, opportunity evaluation and sizing, product to market fit. Scale potential or niche leader.

7. Your IP and brands - registered, or not registered, and patents filed if any.

8. History of your first 10 paying or prospective customers with whom you have already negotiated your commercial agreement clauses and have issued invoices.

9. File extensions: txt, doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, zip, rar.

10. Max file size is <15MB.


Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

Submissions initial filing and processing is pro bono. Please allow a few business days for our team to get back to you.

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