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Channel Sales

  • Identification of Opportunities

  • Channel Partner Evaluation and List Building

  • Channel Partner Reaching and Interview

  • Facilitating Negotiations

  • Follow-up with Recruited Partners

Channel Development creates outlets for products to sell products to your customer. We will offer you a full range of channel development services including: identification, recruitment, negotiation, management, and support of key partnerships with Resellers, Trading Partners, Distributors (multi-tier), VARs and OEMs.

Identification of Opportunities 

We will work with you to define clear objectives, develop channel plan as part of business plan (and potentially Strategic Plan), perform value chain analysis, investigate alternative solutions.The process of developing a successful channel relationship is dependent on achieving a number of tactical objectives including:

  • Developing an achievable forecast and product deliveries

  • Providing for shared rewards - the risk/reward ratio must be proportional

  • Marketing and product training programs must be proportion to margin retained

  • Interaction between the channels planned and procedurized, if appropriate

Channel Partner Evaluation and List Building

We will conduct the risk/reward analysis. The issues to consider here are control, margins, corporate/product identity. The types of channel relationship listed above (from Reseller to OEM) are ordered from minimum impact from each issue to maximum impact from each issue. 

Channel Partner Reaching and Interview

To go ahead with an action plan, we will help you to define this action plan - define requirements, and support to be provided, standard terms and conditions, timelines, and identify the plan's critical paths. We will jointly review, and revise this implementation plan, provide necessary marketing support to communicate frequently, and openly with partners. Periodically, evaluate the success of the relationship with senior management.

Facilitating Negotiations

Being well prepared for negotiations is surely one of the critical success factors in the channel development. We will help you to define a hierarchy of requirements, acceptable range trade-offs, determine win-win scenarios and negotiation strategy.

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