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Marketing Plan

  • Fiscal Year Marketing Plan

  • Performance Measurement

  • Marketing Spending Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Customer and Partner Acquisition and Retention

  • Branding

Fiscal Year Marketing Plan

A fiscal year Marketing Plan should define the shortest path from a company to its customer, and it derives from a Strategic Business Plan, which is a cornerstone of the operational business activities within a twelve-month period. Working with you we will identify and evaluate your next moves, build a Go-To-Market plan with financial forecasts and budgets, perform scenario and sensitivity analysis, develop a marketing calendar, and design campaigns. And then we will help you to execute on it.

Performance Measurement

Accompanying your strategic business or marketing planning, you may likely want to create or refresh performance measurement scorecards to showcase how you will track the progress against strategic objectives and key metrics. Experienced in performance measurement, COPERNICI senior consultants will work with you to establish these goals and performance targets, as well as identify sustainable ways for your company to measure them systematically. 

Marketing Spending Efficiency and Effectiveness

We work with companies across a range of industries to develop effective marketing spending programs in support of new and existing brands, products, geographies, and channels. COPERNICI clients benefit from our in-depth understanding of the broader strategic issues faced in their business and sector, as well as from our experience in improving operations and organizational performance. We have examined strategies and tactics in a range of industries, including packaged goods, financial services, telecommunications, and retail. Currently, we are expanding our understanding of the effectiveness of individual marketing vehicles in different brand situations. 

Customer and Partner Acquisition and Retention

For COPERNICI clients we apply various modern marketing concepts to drive the formulation of customer acquisition and retention strategies for target segments. Where possible, we apply business intelligence and CRM analysis to define market opportunity and customer or channel partner acquisition, as well as retention strategy and campaign mix parameters. For customer, partner acquisition, and retention campaign design we draw from our expertise in identifying target audiences, and matching the value proposition with customer or partner motivation to buy. Based on emerging go-to-market technologies we evaluate the various marketing mix media options. We share our best practices and model campaign results, which then are captured and analyzed in a campaign scorecard, addressing both reputation and business generation levels.


COPERNICI works with companies to build shareholder value by strengthening their brands. We help our clients identify how they can best invest their brand-building resources for profitable growth. We develop integrated branding solutions firmly grounded in customer needs and objectives as well as in the company’s overall business strategy. COPERNICI branding professionals – including experienced practitioners from the top marketing agencies – bring COPERNICI fact-based analytical approach, social psychology expertise, and the intuitive judgment that comes from immersion in the creative process.

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