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Global Growth Challenge

  • October 1st, 2018 - Moscow, Russia. Softline Venture Partners (SVP) opened its 2nd Accelerator "Global Growth Challenge (GGC)" focused on training and helping 10 high-tech startups to run product/service market tests globally leveraging the network of Softline global offices.

While development teams in former USSR countries create innovative products designed to compete globally, business development used to lag behind, with unforgivably long times to market that erodes a market fit and competitive advantage. Softline Venture Partners (SVP) steps in with its GGC program to enable 10 nominated high-tech startups to increase their time-to-market speeds in folds.

Preference will be given to IoT, AI, Big Data, Security, and Cloud. 

The qualifying startups will have:

#01 - dev teams from Russia, CIS, Baltic Countries + at least 2 employees in Moscow

#02 - demo-ready POC, working solution in test or production environment, own site or customer/partner site

#03 - at least a few paying customers are recorded in accounting books

#04 - you aim for 80M-100M RUR (1.35M - 1.65M USD) in turnover in Year 3-5 of global Sales


October-December 2018 - Applications are in

January 2019 - First selections

February 2019 - First meetup, second selections tour

March-May 2019 - Training and Commercial outreach - accelerated via Softline

June 2019 - Demo Day

Read more and Submit your application in Russian:

For questions in English and while seeking help with applying for funding, please click the button above.


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